our Mission

We aim to raise money for private  schools so that they may be able to allocate more financial aid to financially challenged children who need it and deserve it the most.

Our Values

We strive to be both professional and compassionate in our interactions inside and outside Reaching New Horizons.



Foundation History

a statement from Our founder

Cami LaBarbara
Secretary and Member of Board of Directors

Vincent Paul LaBarbara
Founder and President

My experience in tutoring made me realize that there are kids who desire to work hard and receive a better education. Many are without opportunity or exposure to academic excellence. Perhaps their parents hold multiple jobs just to pay rent, or maybe they believe that a higher education is a waste of money and do not wish to sacrifice so much for what they believe to be so little. 

My hope is to be able to help kids reach their full potential and gain an appreciation for learning that will stick with them forever.

Our Vision

We hope to create a world where finances aren't chains that hold children back from reaching their highest potential.

​​Reaching New Horizons 

our team and affiliates

2011- Vincent starts to tutor students in impoverished areas.

2012 - Vincent wins the Horizon Fund from his school, which allowed him to attend the Disney Institute, where he gained the knowledge needed to start Reaching New Horizons.

2013 - Reaching New Horizons is officially incorporated.

2014 - Reaching New Horizons starts its initial round of funding. Our 1st Inaugural Fundraiser takes place on August 10th. 

2015 - Reaching New Horizons completes its first round of donations

2016 - First scholarship recipient graduates

2017 - Reaching New Horizons donates to select schools with a great need for aid.

2018 - Reaching New Horizons continues strong and made a large impact this school year.

2019 -  Reaching New Horizons supports creative learning techniques and the progress it is making in education.